Brazilian Elections

Lula will launch pre-campaign for president next Sunday, lawyer says

Lawyer visited Brazil’s ex-president and told the news to supporters at the Free Lula Vigil

Wadih Damous addresses Lula supporters after meeting with Brazil’s former president / Joka Madruga/APT

Brazil’s congressman and lawyer Wadih Damous visited the former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva at the Federal Police headquarters in Curitiba on Monday (21). After he left the Federal Police building, Damous addressed members of the Free Lula Vigil nearby and said that the former president will launch his pre-campaign for president on Sunday (27). He called supporters to take part in rallies all over Brazil, to let everyone know Lula is the Workers’ Party presidential candidate.

“It doesn’t matter if there is 10, 500, or thousands of people. What matters is that every city where there is a Workers’ Party office takes part in this launch.”

The congressman said Lula is in good spirits, although concerned with the situation of the country. Damous pointed out that, once again, Lula sent a message to supporters saying he will prove his innocence.

“What he [Lula] wants is justice to be done and that the Brazilian court system acknowledges his innocence because, to this day, those who convicted him were not able to prove [ex-]president Lula committed any crime. And his outrage is also at the fact that the process that led to his conviction was very fast, while his appeals are still pending. So he expresses his outrage at the court system’s persecution, which is making it harder for him to defend himself and prove his innocence.”

Edition: Diego Sartorato