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Brasil de Fato premieres new TV show for English-speaking audiences

New weekly show “What’s Happening in Brazil” will feature current events and Brazilian culture to Ghana-based TV channel

Brasil de Fato | São Paulo |
Journalist and presenter Pâmela Oliveira hosts Brasil de Fato's new weekly show produced for English-speaking audiences
Journalist and presenter Pâmela Oliveira hosts Brasil de Fato's new weekly show produced for English-speaking audiences - Screen capture/Brasil de Fato

Brasil de Fato is launching a new TV show to break down the latest news, culture, music, and special content about people's struggles from Brazil to English-speaking African audiences.

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“What's happening in Brazil?” is a 10- to-12-minute long weekly news and variety show produced by Brasil de Fato in partnership with Pan African TV, a Ghana-based channel that broadcasts via satellite to 32 countries, predominantly in the Western, Central, some parts of Eastern and Southern Africa.

In Ghana, the show airs every day at 7 a.m. local time, and replays at 5:30 pm on the weekend. The Pan African TV channel is on digital free to air, including GoTV, so anyone who has a digital television can watch it.

“Bringing the news about the Brazilian people to other countries around the world is part of the Brasil de Fato project to build bonds and partnerships with like-minded media outlets”, says Vivian Fernandes, the International News coordinator at BdF. “In this sense, the partnership with Pan African TV is another step toward global integration and strengthening the bonds of internationalism between the peoples,” she adds.

A new episode will premiere every Sunday and rebroadcast throughout the week, featuring four segments: “News Update,” a 2-minute segment featuring the latest news from Brazil; “Story of the Week,” a longer segment on socially relevant topics; “Culture Talk,” about Brazilian art and culture; and “Brazilianism,” a two-part segment featuring food and music videos.

The pilot premiered last week and featured a news update on the impacts of president Jair Bolsonaro’s economic policies on Brazilian society and a special piece about former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, who is serving a prison sentence after being tried by a judge who has been since exposed for his bias against the Workers’ Party leader

Watch the show:

Brasil de Fato will also have a YouTube playlist to aggregate all content produced for the show. Partners who want to include the show in their schedule may contact our international team at [email protected] or send a WhatsApp message to +55 11 993 055 156.

Pan African TV

The mission of Pan African TV is to “provide alternative media,” the network's channel manager Ama Pratt said, “largely to propagate the Pan African narrative and also to educate our viewers about happenings around the world, particularly on the struggles of the working class.”

The channel’s content ranges from documentaries to political discussions relative to the happenings across the African continent and beyond.

About the new partnership with Brasil de Fato to bring news and information about Brazil to African audiences, Pratt declared that Pan African TV is “very receptive to its introduction, considering that it expands and widens the scope for us as a channel, content-wise.” “It further allows the viewers of Pan African TV to appreciate and learn more about what is happening in Brazil currently, which ultimately creates an avenue for broader intellectual conversations,” she added.

Pan African Television is also partnering with People’s Dispatch and Telesur as part of its media collaboration to advance the story of the working people of the world.

Edited by: Aline Scátola