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Video | An anti-environment and anti-science policy

This week's episode of "What's Happening in Brazil" brings the country's environmental issues to the forefront

Brasil de Fato | São Paulo

Every week, Brasil de Fato's Pamela Oliveira brings Brazilian news and culture to English-speaking audiences in Africa / Screen capture/Brasil de Fato

This episode of What's Happening in Brazil reports on Brazil’s environmental issues, from the wildfires in the Amazon to the man-made environmental disasters caused by predatory mining.

Our “Culture Talk” is about Ilu Obá de Min, an all-female drum band that honors Afro-Brazilian culture. And the “Brazilianism” segment will show you acarajé, a popular spicy street food from Brazil’s northeast region that is deep fried in red palm oil, known as dendê.

Watch the show below:

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