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Video | Black Awareness Day and an education project inspired by Paulo Freire

This week's episode of What's Happening in Brazil also reports on the oil spill on the country's coastline

Brasil de Fato | São Paulo

This week, host Pamela Oliveira reports on Black Awareness Day, observed on Nov. 20th in Brazil / Screen capture/Brasil de Fato

This episode of Brasil de Fato’s weekly show What's Happening in Brazil reports on the marches and demonstrations held by the country’s black movement on Black Awareness Day. The day is observed on November 20th, in honor of Zumbi, one of the great names who fought against slavery in colonial times.

We also bring you updates on the oil spill that is spreading across the Brazilian coastline and has already hit nearly 650 areas in the Northeast and Southeast.

For this week’s Culture Talk, we spoke with two practitioners of Afro-Brazilian religions about what that means for them, and the struggles they face.

The Story of the Week is about a group of teachers and cultural activists on the outskirts of São Paulo who follow the work of one of the most important philosophers and educators in the world: Paulo Freire.

You will also learn how to make a delicious roasted pork loin with Brazil’s famous farofa, or seasoned cassava flour.

Watch the show below:

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