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VIDEO | Coronavirus Pandemic Hits Brazil

Deeds of solidarity help people stay at home during quarantine, old social woes resurface in the modern age

Brasil de Fato | São Paulo |
Journalist Pamela Oliveira hosts our weekly English-language show featuring the latest news and fun facts about Brazil - Screen capture/Brasil de Fato

In this week’s What’s Happening in Brazil we delve into the grave situation the country is facing combating the novel coronavirus. The lackluster responses by the Federal Government are isolating the current administration from civil society and its closest allies. A midst the crisis, find out how the National Healthcare System (SUS), is the last line of defense for those most in need.

Featured on our Culture talk segment this week, is a story about one of the most iconic samba artists in the nation’s history, Adoniran Barbosa, and how a filmmaker is immortalizing his music in a new documentary. The social commentary involved in the work is as relevant today as it was during the sixties, when Adoniran composed songs exposing the woes of the country’s biggest city, São Paulo.

Check out our News Update section to get up to speed on the latest coming out of Brazil as it faces the COVID-19 pandemic, and how solidarity by the average citizen, is helping people from all walks of society face times of social isolation.

Last but not least, once more hear the amazing sounds, and learn the delicious flavors of Brazil in our Brazilianism segment.

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