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Jair Bolsonaro is infected with Covid-19, which he has compared to a “little flu”

Also featured: How mining is turning small towns into huge coronavirus hotspots and the struggle for indigenous rights

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This week, in What’s Happenin in Brazil, take a look at how after continuously minimizing Covid-19, president Jair Bolsonaro himself has come down with the disease. He personally made the announcement on national television this past Tuesday, July 7th. His lackluster response to the pandemic has drawn criticism from the left, right and center, and now, as he suffers through “a 38 degree fever and body aches”, the head of State continues to downplay the severity of the illness, which has taken the lives of over 67,000 Brazilians in just over 3 months.

Almost adding insult to injury, this week the president vetoed 16 important provisions aimed at helping indigenous populations during the coronavirus crisis. Isolated and completely abandoned by the State, native peoples are among the most vulnerable of high risk groups in times of a global pandemic. With no access to hospitals, basic services, and besieged by loggers and cattle ranchers, Brazil’s native communities are suffering on many fronts during the mayhem brought on by Covid-19.

In our Culture Talk segment, we discuss how the planned reopening of churches and places of worship in some northeastern states is being deemed premature by religious leaders. Brasil de Fato spoke to two religious figures who disagree with the plans, despite them including preventive measures to halt the spread of the virus.

In our Story of the Week we show you how mining activities, which were deemed essential by the Jair Bolsonaro government at the start of the pandemic, are turning little towns into huge hotspots for the novel coronavirus, with the number of infections surpassing that of some state capitals. Miners relate how it is virtually impossible to protect themselves from the illness while performing their day to day tasks.

Finally, to wrap things up, in our Brazilianism segment we will teach you a delicious recipe from Brazil and let you listen to some of our music.

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