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Foreign investors protect the Amazon while Bolsonaro faces an impeachment request

Also featured: a look into the crisis affecting the funerary system, and how slavery leaves its mark till today

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This week, in What’s Happening in Brazil, we analyze the historic destruction that the Amazon, the world’s largest rain forest is facing under the Bolsonaro regime. The dismantling of oversight institutions coupled with social distancing policies implemented to combat the covid-19 pandemic, have left the ecosystem and its native inhabitants with no protection against illegal loggers and cattle ranchers intent on cutting, or burning down the forest. Due to the inaction of Federal authorities, a group of foreign investors has banded together to demand that the Amazon be preserved.

All the while, far-right president Jair Bolsonaro, who recently confirmed that he is infected with the coronavirus, faces yet another impeachment request in the National Congress. Over 1000 social movements are asking for his removal, based on what they describe and detail as a plethora of crimes.

In our Story of the Week segment, we investigate the dire problems that the funerary system in the city of São Paulo is facing. Overloaded with burials stemming from fatalities of covid-19, workers are forced to work extremely long hours, sometimes reusing personal protective equipment from over six years ago.

In our Culture Talk segment we take a look at a documentary produced by a crew of exclusively young, black women, that seeks to shed light on an unfortunate Brazilian tradition in existence since slavery – the maids’ quarters. Directed by the daughter of a domestic worker, the film shows you how even in the modern age, reflections of a somber past remain.

To wrap things up, learn how to make a delicious Brazilian dish and relax listening to some of the music our country has to offer. We’ll see you next time!

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Edited by: Ítalo Piva