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VIDEO | As Brazilian forests burn, the population faces a growing hunger problem

Also featured: how a reduction in emergency assistance will impact millions and entertainment in the country’s capital

Brasil de Fato | São Paulo (SP) |
Journalist José Bernardes hosts our weekly English-language show featuring the latest news and fun facts about Brazil - Screen capture/Brasil de Fato

This week, in What’s Happening in Brazil, we examine how a double whammy of serious problems is affecting the nation. Amid an unprecedented economic crisis caused by the novel coronavirus pandemic, the country’s main ecosystems are being destroyed by human activity and millions of Brazilians are going hungry. Understand the causes behind both of these issues and why the situation is so urgent.

In our Story of the Week, we take a look at how emergency assistance funds that were being provided to the population amid the pandemic, are being cut in half, and how many who lost their jobs due to covid-19, fear that the sum will not be enough to get by. Already a meager sum of just under 150U$ per month, entire households living in extremely vulnerable conditions are now expected to ride out a global pandemic with just over half that amount in monthly income.

In our Culture Talk segment, we discuss the situation being faced by workers in the cultural entertainment industry in the country’s capital, Brasília. With most cultural events having been canceled due to the health crisis, many artists, producers, technicians and support staff have found themselves with no income, and relying entirely on a network of solidarity within the sector just to get by.

Lastly, as is a tradition on the show, we wrap things up with some funky local tunes and a delicious recipe from Brazil. Enjoy the show!

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Edited by: Ítalo Piva