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VIDEO| Dam rupture victims still homeless as 2020 municipal elections happen Sunday

Also featured: Privatization leads to problems with the power supply and drums as an element of resistance

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This week, in What’s Happening in Brazil, we take a look into two very important subjects. First, we again analyze the situation in the city of Mariana, where the Fundão Dam ruptured in November of 2015. More than 300 families still await to be resettled while those responsible go unpunished and continue to profit off the land. We also delve into the upcoming municipal elections where three political camps are vying for mayoral and city council spots.

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In our Culture Talk segment, we take a look at a cultural and artistic project spearheaded by the Umoja group, a collective that holds performances, workshops and meetings related to Afro-Brazilian culture in one of São Paulo’s impoverished areas. The group seeks to share their experience and knowledge with Brazil and the world, especially the new generation.

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In this episode, we also take a look at what’s going on in the city of Macapá, the Amapá state capital, where privatization of the power grid has led to a major black out. The entire city went dark on November 7th, and many parts of it remain without electricity till this day. The company responsible has not yet been able to remedy the problem, except for in the cities wealthier areas, where residents are enjoying the comforts that this essential service provides, while poorer areas, as usual, suffer from abandonment by authorities.

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Lastly, to wrap things up, in our Brazilianism segment we teach you a delicious local recipe and showcase some quality local music.

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