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VIDEO | Progressive candidacies win big and covid-19 cases surge once more

Also featured: Black Awareness Day and an initiative to spread literature and knowledge to the disenfranchised

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This week, in What’s Happening in Brazil, we take a look at how the progressive field won big in last Sunday’s municipal elections. Black, female and trans candidates garnered a surprising number of votes, gaining ground in a traditionally white, hetero and male dominated field. This all culminated with Black Awareness Day, a celebration of historic black leadership that has adapted this year due to the pandemic.

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In our Culture Talk segment, we show you how an initiative born from the people, is helping disenfranchised communities to access literature and knowledge, as well as assist children with their day to day lives during the novel coronavirus pandemic, when many kids are not attending school, thus missing out on essential elements of their development.

In this episode, we also take a look at the recent surge in covid-19 hospital admissions and fatalities, in what experts are calling a “second wave”. Largely being downplayed by authorities, this rise has many in the healthcare sector worried about the impacts this may have on society as a whole, months before a vaccine is set to become widely available.

Lastly, as is our show’s tradition, we end things with our Brazilianism segment, where we showcase some quality Brazilian music, and teach you a delicious local recipe.

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Edited by: Ítalo Piva