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VIDEO| Manaus runs out of oxygen and materials for new vaccine doses are unavailable

Also featured: Mother and daughter build a new home from scrap materials and Bolsonaro’s celebrity buddy gets covid-19

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This week, in What’s Happening in Brazil, we take a look at the appalling scenes we saw coming out of the Amazonas state capital, Manaus, earlier in the month. A complete collapse of the public healthcare system in the city, led to covid-19 patients dying of suffocation while lying in their hospital beds, due unfortunately, to a lack of oxygen cylinders needed in ventilators. Both the state and the Federal government received ample warning of the looming shortage, however, neither lifted a finger to prevent it from happening.

In our Culture Talk segment, we get to know a mother and daughter duo from the island of Itamaracá, located in the state of Pernambuco. The pair could no longer afford to live in their rental home, thus decided to take matters into their own hands, and using discarded materials they collected from local beaches, built a new dwelling from more than five thousand glass bottles they collected.

This week, we also take a peek at a news story that has been months in the making. President Jair Bolsonaro and his goons, from the outset have minimized the dangers posed by covid-19 and suggested the use of medications in preventing, and treating the disease, that have no proven efficacy. Going out and not wearing masks, as well as taking the drug Hydroxycloroquine as a preventive measure, have become the norm for the president (who has also been infected with the disease in the past) and his minions, many of whom have contracted and fallen ill with the coronavirus.

Lastly, as is tradition on the show, we wrap things up by showcasing some quality Brazilian music and teaching our audience a delicious local recipe. Enjoy!

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