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Number of covid-19 deaths spikes as vaccine tourism threatens small cities

Also featured: A uniquely Brazilian instrument keeps traditions alive and a delicious local recipe

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Journalist Pamela Oliveira hosts our weekly English-language show featuring the latest news and fun facts about Brazil - Screen capture/Brasil de Fato

This week, in What’s Happening in Brazil, we analyze the dire situation Brazil now faces as the world’s epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic. As the number of cases and deaths continue to rise, Jair Bolsonaro’s government continues to down play the severity of the situation and openly go against the advice of health experts. The president himself said on the same day that the country registered a new record number of covid-19 deaths, that if it were up to him, the country would not go into lockdown. Epidemiologists forecast that the situation will only get worse.

In our Story of the Week segment, we delve into how the appalling national vaccination campaign is creating a new phenomenon: vaccine tourism. While some cities are having to cut down vaccine distribution, others are able to provide shots to a wider array of people, leading many to flock to these towns in the hopes of getting vaccinated as soon as possible.

In our Culture Talk segment, we will introduce you to an instrument that has been part and parcel of the lives and history of Brazil’s countryside population. Known here as the viola caipira, which roughly translates to “redneck guitar”, we will learn more about its history and cultural importance, as well as showcase some traditional Brazilian music that has this instrument at the forefront.

To wrap things up, as is tradition on the show, we will teach you a delicious local recipe and play you a song from our country. Enjoy!

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