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VIDEO | Pesticide use in Brazil and problems for rural workers health

Also featured: Understand the decision that annuls Lula da Silva's sentences

Brasil de Fato | São Paulo |
Brazil is one of the countries that uses the most pesticides in the world - Getty Images

In 2020 the Brazilian government approved the use of 493 new pesticides in the country. Along with this, comes an increased risk for contamination, a reality rural workers are very familiar with. This week in What’s Happening in Brazil, we show the numbers of this situation.

In our News Update segment, we’ll explain the decision that annuls Lula's sentences and the Brazilian political game. The decision handed down by Federal Supreme Court (STF) justice, Edson Fachin, on Monday (8th), took the country by surprise. On Wednesday (10th), in the main office of the ABC Metalworkers’ Union Lula said that “The word ‘give up’ does not exist in my dictionary”.

Our Culture Talk segment, let’s go to the state of Roraima, located in Brazil’s Northern region, to get to know the indigenous tradition known as Parixara. Through song and dance, the ritual celebrates a connection with nature. 

Lastly, in our Brazilianism segment, we’re going to introduce you to the work of singer and songwriter siba. He hails from the state of Pernambuco and is heavily influenced by the region’s cultural traditions. Enjoy the show!



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Edited by: Vivian Fernandes