Brazil| Public Prosecutor opens investigation into deadly police raid in Rio

Also featured: Wildcat miners attack Yanomami territory with firearms 

Brasil de Fato | São Paulo |
Protests in Rio de Janeiro after deadly police raid in Jacarezinho. Note reads "It wasn't an operation, it was a massacre". - Roberto Parizotti/ Fotos Públicas

This week, in What’s Happening in Brazil, we talk about the developments of the police raid that left 28 people dead in Jacarézinho, a poor neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro. National and foreign civil organizations denounced the human rights violations in the operation, which has been classified as a massacre. The State Prosecutor’s Office opened an investigation to look into the case. 

Also on this show, we look at wildcat miners’ latest attacks on the Yanomami territory and introduce you to the Network of Mothers and Relatives of Victims of State Violence in Baixada Fluminense, a group of women who seek justice for murders and disappearances of their loved ones in Rio de Janeiro. 

In our Culture Talk segment, we meet the collectives Arpilleiras and Linhas do Horizonte,  women who turned their needlework into protests and who denounce social injustices and crimes against nature with embroidery. 

Finally, in Brazilianism, we will teach you a delicious comfort food recipe and listen to a Brazilian band that has been on the road for almost 50 years. Come along! 

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Edited by: Julia Abdalla