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Video | Bolsonaro picks evangelical priest to Supreme Court

Also featuring an interview with an organizer of a national strike of app delivery workers

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Bolsonaro picked André Mendonça, a priest and a former minister of Justice - Evaristo Sa / AFP

This week, “What’s Happening in Brazil” brings as its main story President Jair Bolsonaro´s nomination of André Mendonça as the Attorney General to the Supreme Court. Mendonça, also a former minister of Justice, used the National Security Law, a legacy of the country's dictatorship, to quell criticisms against Bolsonaro. The nomination still needs senate approval before being confirmed at the top court of Brazilian laws.  

Bolsonaro fulfills the promise he made back in 2019 to pick a "terribly evangelical" name for the Supreme Court, sparking a wave of activism among the Judiciary. The Brazilian president said that he requested Mendonça to start the Supreme Court sessions once a week with a religious prayer. 

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On this week’s program, we also take a look at Copa América. The contested and criticized tournament ended with the Argentina national team victorious over Brazil at Maracanã stadium. Outside the four lines, however, Copa América has brought a new covid-19 variant to Brazil, the B.1.621. It was the first time that this variant, which is more transmissible, was detected at Brazilian soil. A total of 179 positive cases of covid-19 were identified among players, members of soccer delegations, and service providers.  

We also have a special interview with one of the main organizers of a national strike of app delivery workers. He reflects on the impact the movement has had and of the difficulties of mobilizing the sector. 

On Culture Talk, we will learn about a Brazilian instrument named "rabeca". It looks like a violin but has a more rustic sound. The show also brings a song by Renata Rosa and a local recipe. 

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