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VIDEO | Oil and gas auction threats biodiversity in Brazil

Also: New social program has no budget and will leave thousands without access to aid

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Scuba divers protest over in northeastern Brazil - FUP

Despite the pressure from the civil society, the Jair Bolsonaro's government is trying to sell the rights to explore oil and gas fields in the Potiguar Basin. The exploitation could impact the biodiversity of the Fernando de Noronha archipelago, in Pernambuco. A similar scenario could happen in the Rocas Atoll, in the Rio Grande do Norte state.

"Even if companies that want to buy these blocks say that the impacts will be mitigated and controlled, in case of an oil spill, it will be impossible to control all the impacts", says Gislaine Lima, biologist and researcher on the Fernando de Noronha island.

Although the oceanic islands are considered sites of the world's natural heritage by Unesco since 2001, Brazil's government has not even conducted environmental impact studies before opening the auction.

Also on this week’s program: Jair Bolsonaro is indicted of crimes by the brazilian senate covid-19 inquiry and the plans to launch a new social program is hampered by the lack of resources. On the culture segment, the resistance of radios in rural communities and the music of Céu, one of the greatest names of the new brazilian music.

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Edited by: Arturo Hartmann