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VIDEO | Surge in covid-19 cases led by omicron endangers small businesses in Brazil

Economic consequences of the new variant are felt hardest by the small companies

São Paulo (SP) |
Omicron has a extremely high rate of spread - NIAID

Besides being a public health problem, the rise in contaminations by the omicron variant is also a challenge to the economy. Employees are taking sick leaves, which by its turn impacts businesses, being the smaller ones the most affected.

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"During the first covid wave, we managed to keep on open. We had a reduced staff and made smaller batches of bread. On the second wave, we also managed to keep going. This period was when we didn’t have many employees taking sick leaves. But now, the third wave combined covid and influenza. So, since mid-December, workers have to take sick leaves", says the businessman Cassius Reis.

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