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VIDEO | Far right threatens racial quotas in brazilian universities

Affirmative action that changed public higher education in the country is under attack

São Paulo (SP) |
University of Brasilia corridor - Agência Brasil

Under review by the Congress on it's 10th birthday, the Brazilian quotas program at public universities is under attack from the far right. In August 2012, president Dilma Roussef sanctioned a law on racial quotas. From then on, universities and federal institutes should gradually direct 50% of its vacancies to students from public schools and, a part of this percentage, to black, indigenous and disabled applicants.

One of the articles of the Racial Quota Law was back then officialy designated to be review after ten years of the law's enactment, that is, this year. For this reason, dozens of bills were presented to Congress. They were wrote by the federal government’s far right base against the quota policy as well as the opposition that fights for its permanence. 

"We propose to extend this law for fifty (50) years and to create an affirmative actions policy council in the Ministry of Education. Also, we suggest creating a scholarship policy to support the quota students throughout their study years because this is a real problem", says the leftist congressman Bira do Pindaré.

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Edited by: Arturo Hartmann