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VIDEO | Rise in wheat prices due to war affects brazilians food habits

With major wheat producers at war, supply is at risk and the working people pays the price

São Paulo (SP) |
Ukrainian soldier at military post in Kiev - Aris Messinis / AFP

The war in Ukraine made the wheat price to skyrocket around the world because Russia is the main exporter of this commodity, and Ukraine is the fourth one. In Brazil, consumers and bakery owners are dealing with its effects.

"We used to pay 25 cents for a loaf of bread, then 30 cents, 50 cents, and I heard that the next time I go to the bakery, a loaf of bread is going to be 60 cents each. Either you reduce the amount of bread you eat or you reduce the consumption of other basic items in order to buy bread", says the entrepreneur Zélia Costa.

According to the Union of Bakery and Confectionery Industry, in the city of Fortaleza the price of a kilo of bread tends to reach R$ 20, which is more than US$ 4 dollars. In neighborhoods where people buy loaves of bread instead of kilos of bread, the rise was also visible, reaching up to 100%

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Edited by: Arturo Hartmann