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VIDEO | Amazon devastation linked to network of crimes, shows research

The environmental devastation became big business linked to violent crimes, financial frauds and corruption

São Paulo (SP) |
Deforestation in the Amazon grew 56.6% in the last three years, according to data from Ipam - Carl de Souza / AFP

According to Igarapé Insitute, almost a third of a database of 369 operations that had the participation of the Federal Police in the Legal Amazon were related to violent crimes against people, slave labor, drug trafficking, or the possession of guns, ammunition, and explosives.

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"There is a powerful structure financing these crimes: there is the criminal activities group, the criminal agents, and we have been seeing that, because the State and the security agents pay little attention to it, this kind of crime becomes attractive to other criminal groups", says Melina Risso, research Director of the Igarapé Institute.

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