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VIDEO | Transgenic soybean and cotton displaces families at Brazilian northeast

Around 24,000 hectares are devoted to the planting of transgenic cotton in the Chapada do Apodi

São Paulo (SP) |
The growth of agribusiness intensified from 2020 onwards - Foto: Tatiana Fortes / SEDET

Traditional communities that have been living in Chapada do Apodi, an area located between the states of Ceará and Rio Grande do Norte, for fifty years, are once more under threat by agribusiness. The expansion of transgenic soybean and cotton is spreading pesticides throughout the region, which affects the health and agricultural production of the families. Many were forced to left the region.

"The perspective we see is that this territory is being enclosed and its people evicted since communities do not want to live with the poison", says Anjerliana Souza, from the Diocesan Caritas.

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Edited by: Arturo Hartmann