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VIDEO | Dossier reveals anti-indigenous policy by the Bolsonaro government

A research on Funai, Brazil’s National Indian Foundation, shows troubling information

São Paulo (SP) |
Appointed by Bolsonaro in 2019, the president of Funai, Marcelo Xavier - Marcello Casal JrAgência Brasil

The killings of indigenous affairs expert Bruno Pereira and english journalist Dom Phillips in the Amazonas state called the attention to the current situation of Brazil’s national indian foundation, which was created to protect the rights of native peoples in the country. However, a dossier recently released shows that, under the Bolsonaro government, the foundation serves the interests of illegal miners, loggers, and big landowners.

The dossier is about Funai, Brazil’s National Indian Foundation, which is the main agency to protect native peoples in the country. The document was produced by the Institute of Socioeconomic Studies with the association that represents Funai’s civil servants.

One of the main findings of the dossier was a detailed analysis of Marcelo Xavier’s administration of the agency. He is a Federal Police chief and has been in a conflictual relationship since he took the position in Funai in 2019. The document made a compilation of budget reduction, staff downsizing, military appointments to key positions, and systematic persecution of servants and Indigenous leaders considered inconvenient.

"It’s necessary to rethink why Funai exists: if it is to justify an anti-Indigenous policy or to fulfill a constitutional duty. It must be investigated, including by us, parliamentarians", says the congresswoman Joênia Wapichana.

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Edited by: Arturo Hartmann