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VIDEO | Who bears the toll of the environmental destruction commanded by Bolsonaro?

According to the Socio-environmental Institute, deforestation on Indigenous lands rose 138% since Bolsonaro took office

Brasil de Fato | São Paulo (SP) |
According to the Pastoral Land Commission, in 2021, native peoples were the main victims of murders, indirect deaths, and violent episodes caused by rural conflicts - Bruno Kelly/Amazônia Real

Researchers, NGOs, and environmentalists from Brazil and around the world are almost unanimous in affirming that the Brazilian environmental policy has reached rock bottom. In three and a half years under Jair Bolsonaro's rule, the deforestation rate in the country’s biomes skyrocketed, in addition to the weakening of environmental inspections.

Devastation produces climate phenomena that also affect urban populations. And those who suffer most from droughts and floodings are always the poorest people.

"For instance, nobody run away from a drought driving a BMW. We don’t see mansions being dragged by rainfalls. The climate change is a fabric of poverty and social inequality", says Márcio Astrino, from the Weather Observatory.

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