Floods in Rio Grande do Sul state affect 30,000 Indigenous individuals; entity says there is 'water and food shortage'

Ministry of Indigenous Peoples says 9,000 families were affected and promises basic-needs grocery package every 15 days

Translated by: Ana Paula Rocha

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"Indigenous communities are facing unimaginable challenges" - Florian Plaucheur/AFP

The severe floods that hit the state of Rio Grande do Sul for almost two weeks have already affected around 30,000 Indigenous individuals. Of the 214 communities affected, 110 have been directly affected.

The Minister for Indigenous Peoples, Sonia Guajajara, announced that each of the 9,000 Indigenous families affected will receive a basic-needs grocery package every 15 days. The numbers were released by the Minister for Indigenous Peoples on Saturday (11).

She also highlighted the importance of Indigenous peoples' knowledge in national plans for preventing disasters and rebuilding the areas destroyed by water.

Read more below about how to donate to Indigenous and indigenist organizations in Rio Grande do Sul.  

Indigenous people face food and water shortages 

The Emergency Support Front for the Indigenous Peoples of Rio Grande do Sul, an alliance of Indigenous and indigenist organizations, has publicly thanked people for the donations it received

“From the loss of homes and belongings to the scarcity of food and water, Indigenous communities are facing unimaginable challenges,” the Front said in a post on Instagram.

The organization also thanked “the institutions and volunteers who have mobilized, providing direct assistance and logistical support, helping us reach communities faster with essential items.”

Find out how to donate

The Indigenous Missionary Council (Cimi, in Portuguese), ArpinSul and the Articulation of Indigenous Peoples of Brazil (Apib, in Portuguese) have opened a bank account to receive cash donations. The organizations are also asking for food donations, hygiene and cleaning materials, tarpaulins, roof tiles, mattresses and blankets.

In Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul capital city, donations for Indigenous people can be delivered to the Menino Jesus de Praga Parish, Dr. Pitrez St., 61, Aberta dos Morros neighborhood, from 8am to 12pm and from 2pm to 6pm.

Cash donations can be made to:

Bank of Brazil

Branch: 0321-2

Current Account: 128891-1

Cimi Southern Region


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Map shows the location of 80 affected communities 

A collaborative survey carried out by third-sector organizations indicated that, a week ago, more than 80 Indigenous communities and territories had been directly affected by heavy rains in Rio Grande do Sul.

See below:

In addition to Cimi, the survey was carried out by the Guarani Yvyrupa Commission (CGY, in Portuguese), Lutheran Deaconry Foundation, Council for Mission among Indigenous Peoples and Center for the Support and Promotion of Agroecology (FLD/Comin/Capa, in Portuguese), as well as the State Council of Indigenous Peoples of Rio Grande do Sul (Cepi/RS, in Portuguese).

Edited by: Nicolau Soares