Brazil: Campaign coordinator visits Lula to discuss election platform

Brazilian ex-president and Fernando Haddad talked about political alliances; Lula seemed excited to join forces

Curitiba |
Haddad speaks to journalists after visiting Lula in Curitiba
Haddad speaks to journalists after visiting Lula in Curitiba - Joka Madruga / APT

The coordinator of the Workers’ Party (PT) platform for Brazil’s upcoming election, Fernando Haddad, visited Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva last Tuesday at the Federal Police headquarters in Curitiba, where the Brazilian ex-president is being held since April 7th.

During their meeting, Lula read the first draft of his platform, a requirement for him to register as a candidate on August 15th. “I brought a partially finished draft of his platform, which will be discussed with the national coordination [of the Workers’ Party]. We spent most of the visit addressing the registration for the election,” Haddad said.

They also discussed the policy of electoral alliances for Lula’s candidacy, and Haddad said the ex-president seemed excited to join forces. The conversation will be the basis for PT chair Gleisi Hoffmann to conclude negotiations with allied parties by August 15th. Haddad said the parties that are likely to join the alliance are the Communist Party of Brazil (PCdoB), the Brazilian Socialist Party (PSB), and the Republican Party of the Social Order (PROS).


Haddad also talked about August 10th, when nationwide demonstrations and strikes are scheduled to happen in defense of employment, retirement, and labor rights. He called everyone to take part in the demonstrations around the country, because stopping the traitorous measures of the coupist Michel Temer administration is a pressing matter.

Haddad argues that the Temer administration “should stop imposing structural measures” and give way to a legitimate government so that, as a society, the country can get back on track. “If he were legitimately elected, with an approved platform, he could do it [impose measures], but that’s not the case,” he said.

The former federal minister and ex-mayor of São Paulo says it is important that the Brazilian people echoes the PT's claims to stop the measures that are putting the country’s sovereignty at risk until the elections, so that the next elected president can address society’s demands.

Edited by: Diego Sartorato