Brazil’s labor unions stage nationwide, unified demonstration on Friday: “Enough!”

Organizations against coup protest around the country; People’s Congress reaches out to 111 cities in Minas Gerais state

People's Brazil Front Press Office |
Unemployed Brazilians line up looking for a job
Unemployed Brazilians line up looking for a job - Ricardo Giusti / PMPA

Brazil’s nine labor union federations are getting together once again for a nationwide, unified demonstration next Friday, August 10th, to say, “Enough!” “No more poverty! No more unemployment! No more crisis! No more LP gas price hikes!,” reads the flyer by the Unified Workers’ Central (CUT), which calls its unions to massively take part in the demonstration.

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According to Paulo Antônio, from the People’s Brazil Front coordination in Belo Horizonte, in addition to the great August 10th demonstration, other huge actions are being carried out in 24 of the country’s 26 states – it’s the People’s Congress. In Minas Gerais state, 111 cities are engaged.

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The committees of the People’s Congress, a project carried out by the People’s Brazil Front, is also taking part and strengthening the August 10th demonstration, according to Paulo Antônio. The main slogans will be “Free Lula,” “In defense of sovereignty,” and “against the coup and the elimination of rights.”

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“The People’s Congress has been achieving the goal of bringing the people together, by forming self-organizing local committees to point out problems and solutions for the city, the state, and the country,” he says.

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The goal of the People’s Congress is to use that space to gather locals to address their problems, find solutions, and design a new project for their city and country through people’s struggle. The congress is now at the municipal stage, which will be followed by state meetings, culminating in a major national meeting.

Edited by: Joana Tavares | Translated by Aline Scátola