Video | Censorship under Jair Bolsonaro's government

Since he took office, the far-right president of Brazil has continuousy attacked official data and media productions

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One of the moves by the far-right president was to suspend a request for proposals to fund shows about LGBT topics / Agência Brasil

Since he took office as president of Brazil in January 2019, Jair Bolsonaro has been attacking and limiting the disclosure of official data and censoring content that promotes diversity in the country. Eight months in, he and his cabinet officials have continuously attacked agencies that report on the rising unemployment rate, deforestation in the Amazon, and drug policy.

His government has also banned ads including a TV commercial for Brazil’s largest public-owned bank, Banco do Brasil, which featured black and LGBT people, as well as suspended a request for proposals to fund the production of LGBT shows.

These and other censoring actions, as well as his increasingly hateful discourse, are similar to another moment in Brazilian history: the military dictatorship.

Brasil de Fato produced a video piece about censorship in the Jair Bolsonaro administration. Watch it below.

Edition: Aline Scátola