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VIDEO | Militias now control 60% of Rio de Janeiro, overtaking drug traffickers

Also featured: Jair Bolsonaro’s war on vaccines, violence against natives and soaring food prices

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This week, in What’s Happening in Brazil, we take a look at how paramilitary groups known as militias are taking over the city of Rio de Janeiro. Involved in a plethora of illegal as well as legal activities, these groups comprised mainly of former police officers, now present a threat to society on a scale never before seen. Many times aided by the authorities, these militias are rapidly expanding their territory.

In our Story of the Week, we investigate the reasons behind soaring food prices in the country and how they are impacting the day to day lives of ordinary citizens amid the global pandemic. Struggling to get by and often unemployed or with reduced wages, many are turning to food drives and other solidarity campaigns to be able to eat.

In our Culture Talk section we investigate what’s behind the rise in violence against indigenous people over this past year. Constantly forgotten by the state and marginalized by society, these communities are left to fend for themselves in far flung places against a variety of threats, including illegal loggers, wildfires and land grabbers.

Finally as is tradition on the show, we wrap things up with our Brazilianism segment, where you get to learn a delicious local recipe and listen to some local music.

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